is the nexus for my professional and personal web sites. So go ahead and dive in to one of the following sections. I’ll hurry over first and go in the backdoor so I can let the drawbridge down and open the big front doors for you. is my professional voiceover and narration service. I offer two decades experience and an acoustically clean custom-built home studio. 

VO is my passion! Click below to listen to samples. Let’s see what my voice can do for your project! (coming soon) is for my photography portfolio, specializing in headshots. My headshot style is described as “cinematic” and is great for actors, models, and business executives.

Photography has been a life-long hobby, and I am thrilled to be able to offer my skills to family, friends, and select referrals. (coming soon) The companion site for my Digitize Your Books channel on YouTube.

I have converted thousands of pages of “wood pulp” books in my library into digital versions which are clean, accurate, have compact file size, and are available to me everywhere. Here I share some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. is the site for my personal blog, containing my musings, writings, and rants.

If it doesn’t fit into Voice, Photo, or Digitize, I put it here.